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Archive for Past Cruise Trek Updates

Update – December 10, 2013:

Hey, CT Family! Welcome home, those who joined us on CT 2013 and the Seine River cruise!

We have some goodies to share with everyone.

Ashley Collie, a pal of Dom Keating and a reporter for the Huffington Post, interviewed Dom before the Seine cruise. You can read the full article, “Enterprise’s Dominic Keeting, Cruise Trek, and How Star Trek Fandom is Alive and Kicking”, on the The Huffington Post website.

Major Technicality’s Bryan Brake visited Geneva, Switzerland, and toured CERN along with our CT family. His take on CERN and the Cruise Trekkers he met on the tour are recorded in a podcast, Episode 36, “Bryan’s Tour de CERN”. You can listen to the podcast – or download it for later – on the Major Technicality website.

And last – but certainly not least! – CT family members Brent Stein and Joni Caplan have kindly shared some photos from our group’s personal tour of CERN. And our webmaster Cheryl Morris has put these together in an entertaining slideshow. Take a look at their collaboration on our CT 2013 Seine webpage.

Until next time, always safe travels,

Update – June 10, 2013:

Hey there, Cruise Trek Family!

I hope this Update finds you all very well!

Before I proceed to our two future Cruise Trek Adventure announcements, I first wanted to share a few “housekeeping” things with you. The first one is easy – we no longer have a dedicated fax line. In these more tech-advanced days, it seems that most folks simply don’t even use them anymore. For us anyway, email and attachments are certainly the way to go. However, there sure seems to be a lot more scamming or phishing of email addresses and other things going on in this highly electronic age. . . Guess that is just life. So, please be careful.

~ Want to Take a Regular / Non-Event Cruise? ~

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Contact Us!

The second thing is that while most of you know already, for many weeks of the year we are out of town/country executing events for other companies and/or we are just outside having fun, living life, and/or swinging a hammer or a weed-whacker! ;-)) In any case, we sincerely appreciate your patience with us in getting back to you. With email & cell phones (I just picked up my very first smart phone!), it is pretty easy to stay in touch anywhere we are.

So, as another FYI and if you have a chance, check out Insight Cruises. This fall, we get to do two events for this company: Scientific American/Mac Mania on the Rhone River and then a Shakespeare-themed cruise event round trip from Athens to many ports in Turkey. . . Then not to mention the Seine with our CT family! If anyone ever wants to join us on one of these. . . please contact us first!

Also, just to let you know, we will be at the Creation Convention in Las Vegas this August. . . The better part of this outing is being able to stay with Ron & Barb Moore in Vegas. . . luv them!! Plus, Ron will be at our table in the dealer’s room, offering to autograph his new book about his career as an Emmy Award winning Visual Effects guy. Did he not show us some really cool video on the Hawaii cruise this last fall!? ;-)) Also, I think more of our family of actors will stop by the table to say “Hi” as well. . . like the other “boys” from the Blues Band. Anyway, I hear they may do a song or two just for us?! Of course, I am sure we will be greeting many other CT family members. Looking forward to it!

Now to our future destinations for 2013 & 2014: Most of you know about the Seine River Cruise & CERN trip this October 23/25 - November 3, 2013.

And in this Update, we are also announcing our Cruise Trek Adventure for July 14 - 24, 2014 to the British Isles!! This has been a popular destination request, and well, the timeframe will hopefully allow those with school schedule sensitivities to attend as well!! We’ll have exciting pre/post cruise tours & hotels available. . . More to follow in future updates. Let’s explore London and/or the vicinity together!

~ Do You Need Travel Insurance? ~

Cruise Trek offers TripAssure™ as an example. Click the image below to be taken to the TripAssure™ website:


Both of these future events are totally new & original adventure destinations for Cruise Trek. . . The Seine River cruise sails round trip from Paris, France, with a very Scientific-based side tour to Geneva/CERN (the world’s largest particle physics laboratory). And now for 2014, we sail the British Isles round trip from Harwich, England!! The 2014 event includes stops in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, and Le Havre, France, for another chance to see magnificent Paris!

You can find out more about our fabulous itinerary for CT 2014 on our “British Isles Intrigue” page.

You can find out more information about booking CT 2014 to the British Isles on the booking information sheet.

To keep this portion of the Update a little shorter, please see additional itinerary information for CT 2013 on the CT 2013 booking information sheet. More importantly & the good news now is that we have some cabins available once again! So, please give us a shout-out ASAP to see if we can get you aboard this wonderful & historic adventure! Or simply send us a booking form, and we’ll get back to you regarding your cabin booking request. PS – Inventory does seemingly change quite often. Most of us on board for 2013 are participating in the CERN Science & Education addition.

Of course, the “icing on the cake” for our events is the guests who are interested in coming along. . . Dominic Keating & Lolita Fatjo are still on board for 2013. . . But, as you know with busy lives. things can change. Though again for Cruise Trek 2013 & 2014, we have loads of actor interest. . . Hawaii was too much fun, and I think the word has spread!! ;-))

For wherever your life & journeys take you. . . safe travels always,

Update – March 16, 2013:

Hey, Gang!

Just thought I give you all a shout out. . . especially since we just returned from a month long Insight Cruises event in South America. Wow – First time I have ever been there. . . and indeed I would go back in a heartbeat! ;-)) It was just beautiful and a huge culturally enlightening experience! And we had on board this cruise a top physicist who works at CERN. . . hoping he help us with our tour?! We’ll see. . .

~ Get In Touch with Cruise Trek ~

Mail – PO Box 4277, Malibu, CA 90264
Phone – (310) 456-7544
SKYPE – cruisetrek

Anyway, so we are behind in paperwork. . . but, we’ll get caught up. . . appreciate the patience. . .

So for this fall, the Seine River cruise is shaping up nicely! And well, we just wanted to let you know that we can arrange airfares through the cruise line for you guys if you so choose. . . The fares so far have proved to be pretty good. So, if you desire this airfare assistance. . . please send Aaron an email at with your travel dates in mind and he’ll get back to you.

Besides the fare, CT will add a $50 airfare fee. Sorry about this – but this day & age, fees for airfare are not atypical. Well, plus it is a ton of effort. . . though we will leave it up to you to obtain your seats, apply FF numbers and/or to order any special meals if available. . . The good thing is that depending upon your schedule requested and other mitigating factors transfers are sometimes if not mostly included as well. There is a little back and forth in this process for airfare so again we appreciate the patience. And the deposit for the airfare is $350. . . which is non-refundable after confirmation.

Balance is due upon full payment date. In any case, please let us know if we can help on airfare. . .

The other cool thing is that our dear friend Lolita Fatjo with her lovely man, Jim, are sailing too! Plus, it looks like Dominic will join us again as well. AND it appears that we’ll have our very favorite AMA Waterways Cruise Manager, Peter Whitehead back with us. . . Of course, both of them are subject to change. . . but, we do have great options if it does change. . . like another actress who actually lives in France and another CM that lives in Europe. . . so, all will be as serendipitous as ever! ;-))

Oh yeah. . . as most of you know for the Seine River cruise, space has been very very tight for quite some time. . . but, we may have a Trek Share or cabin pop open. . . So if someone else wants to go. . . please get to us with a booking form ASAP. . . Upon receipt of a BIS, we won’t book you until we know exactly what category is available and then we will confer with you the details for you to decide yea or nay. Easy. . .

Oh yes, even more news is that we are working on CT 2014. . . We have the destination, the date. . . and we just signed contracts with a cruise line. . . So, info is coming soon! Shhhhh! ;-))) Not South America though this time. . . but, someplace with popular demand! ;-))

Be well & Travel Safe. . .

Looking forward to seeing you all once again. . .

Best regards,

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