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Cruise Trek 2016:
“The South America Passage”
March 20 ~ April 3, 2016

Three different segments to choose from:
14 days – from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Santiago / Valparaiso, Chile, as listed below
20 days – from Santiago / Valparaiso, Chile, to San Diego, CA, or
34 days – from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to San Diego, CA

A 14-night cruise aboard Holland America line’s Zaandam,
with guests Dominic Keating, Jerry Hardin, and Ron B. Moore

Our “Main Event” Itinerary ~

Day Date Port Arrive Depart
SundayMarch 20 Buenos Aires, Argentina 1 p.m.Overnight Onboard
MondayMarch 21 Buenos Aires, Argentina  6 p.m.
TuesdayMarch 22 Montevideo, Uruguay8 a.m.6 p.m.
WednesdayMarch 23 At Sea  
ThursdayMarch 24 At Sea  
FridayMarch 25 Stanley / Falkland Islands / Islas Malvinas 8 a.m.6 p.m.
SaturdayMarch 26 Strait of Magellan – Cruising   
SundayMarch 27 Punta Arenas, Chile6 a.m.6 p.m.
SundayMarch 27 Cockburn Channel, Beagle Channel, and Glacier Alley – Cruising  
MondayMarch 28 Ushuaia, Argentina2 p.m.8 p.m.
TuesdayMarch 29 Cape Horn – Scenic Cruising   
WednesdayMarch 30 Canal Sarmiento – Cruising   
ThursdayMarch 31 Chilean Fjords – Cruising   
FridayApril 1 Puerto Montt, Chile8 a.m.5 p.m.
SaturdayApril 2 At Sea  
SundayApril 3 Valparaiso (Santiago), Chile 6 a.m.4 p.m.

Separate or Combined Optional Segment ~

Day Date Port Arrive Depart
SundayApril 3 Valparaiso (Santiago), Chile  4 p.m.
MondayApril 4 Coquimbo (La Serena), Chile 7 a.m.4 p.m.
TuesdayApril 5 At Sea  
WednesdayApril 6 At Sea  
ThursdayApril 7 Callao (Lima), Peru 12 noonOvernight
FridayApril 8 Callao (Lima), Peru  Overnight
SaturdayApril 9 Callao (Lima), Peru  5 p.m.
SundayApril 10 Salaverry (Trujillo), Peru 10 a.m.6 p.m.
MondayApril 11 At Sea  
TuesdayApril 12 Manta, Ecuador5 a.m.5 p.m.
WednesdayApril 13 At Sea  
ThursdayApril 14 Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica 9 a.m.6 p.m.
FridayApril 15 At Sea  
SaturdayApril 16 Puerto Chiapas, Mexico 8 a.m.5 p.m.
SundayApril 17 At Sea  
MondayApril 18 At Sea  
TuesdayApril 19 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 8 a.m.Overnight
WednesdayApril 20 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  2 p.m.
ThursdayApril 21 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 8 a.m.3 p.m.
FridayApril 22 At Sea  
SaturdayApril 23 San Diego, California, USA 8 a.m. 

To attend all Cruise Trek events,
passage must be booked through the Cruise Trek office.

Our 2016 cruise, “The South America Passage”, was yet another Cruise Trek Adventure quite different than any we have done in the last 20+ years . . . . .

The cruise also offered another ship perfect for the setting, featuring a perfect passenger space ratio to allow us to individually and soufully take in all that this itinerary has to offer.

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We followed some of the historic sea route covered by Magellan and Darwin, passing the contested Falkland Islands, navigating the infamous Cape Horn, and paralleled the rugged mountains of Patagonia.

This is some of the most dramatic, unspoiled landscape on earch – and very few people have had the opportunity to set eyes on it.

In addition, this cruise featured speakers providing expert presentations on the region’s geographic formation, biological development, and human history.

We enjoyed plentiful days at sea and a very relaxing port pace. Cruise Trek organizer Charlie Datin reported, “I have been fortunate to have done this particular trip before, and I can honestly say the scenery and wonder of this voyage is the most spectacular I have ever encountered in my 100+ past cruises.”

Cruise Trekkers had three sailing options for the “South America Passage” ~

1 ~ The main CT event sailed from from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Santiago / Valparaiso, Chile – a 14-day cruise including an overnight onboard in Buenos Aires.

2 ~ Cruise Trekkers could also sail from Santiago / Valparaiso, Chile, to San Diego, CA – a 20-day Inca Discovery Cruise, ending in San Diego, California.

3 ~ And some Cruise Trekkers chose to sail both the “Passage” and the “Inca Discovery” itineraries – the entire 34 days from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to San Diego, California!

Machu Pichu
The ancient Incan city of Machu Pichu, now in ruins, is just one of the highlights of visiting Peru in the optional segment.

Valparaiso / Santiago ~

Enjoy a scenic journey from the pier in Valparaiso to the capital of Chile. Santiago de Chile is a city of enormous contrast and often referred to as “Sanhattan.” This city has remnants of its colorful past to the ultramodern, high-rise buildings of the financial center.

Peru ~

Called the Kingdom of the Sun, Peru captures a mix of native and European cultures. It is a country of antique cultures, where the traditional way of life is still evident, and a land of great scenic contrasts. It’s easy to accept that Peru is one of the greatest treasures of the Americas. Of 103 possible ecological zones on earth, 83 are represented in Peru.

Machu Picchu ~

The Spanish conquistadors came here in search of gold, but they never found the most elusive prize – the Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu. “Discovered” in 1911, Machu Picchu represents the cultural heritage of mankind. It is a stone city constructed by incredibly sophisticated techniques, even in present-day terms. Stone upon stone are fitted together perfectly without cement, with exquisite detail worthy of the world’s greatest palaces.

For more details on future Cruise Trek events,
please contact Charlie or give us a call at (310) 456-7544.



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Please note:   Passage must be booked through the Cruise Trek office to attend all Cruise Trek events.