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Archive for Past Cruise Trek Updates

Update – February 14, 2011:


I hope this February 2011 Update finds you all very well. This month (if not this week) we are snail mailing to the Cruise Trek Family and past passengers three booking information sheets and itineraries and follows up our website, the Cruise Trek Yahoo group board and Facebook announcements from January 1, 2011 of our next three Cruise Trek Adventures. . . please see below for same.

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In this Update we have corrected, changed, or clarified a few small items on our booking information sheets. Plus, because we are so late in getting this printed material sent out, we have extended the early booking discounts for Alaska slightly. However, please remember we can always book you depending upon space available – but, it is important to book as early as possible for the best choice of cabins. Also, now that we are sailing on Holland America once again, there is one new item to be aware of: if you are a stockholder of 100 shares or more of CCL (Carnival Cruise Lines) common stock, please send us proof of ownership and we’ll arrange for $100 Ship Board Credit. . . restrictions and limitations apply.

More good news is that after speaking with Lolita Fatjo (past sscript coordinator and now actor rep) yesterday she excitedly related to me that quite a few actors were calling her about going on the cruises. . . very cool!

For our Seattle cruise departure to Alaska we are working on hotels, a bon voyage dinner the night before the cruise and, for those of you who are Twilight fans, we are developing a full day tour to the Olympic Peninsula area including Forks and La Push. The website can provide more information on these very quaint story-based towns. Maybe we could even have dinner in Bella Italia Restaurant featured in the book by Stephanie Meyer!!?? So, to help us further in the planning stages, please give us a heads-up if you are interested in any of the hotel, tour, dinner options.

On a more personal note – wow – it is officially 20 years since I have been in the world of Cruise Trek – January 15, 1991 was our inception date. . .

Hope to see you on at least one of our upcoming adventures!!!


Update – January 1, 2011:

Hey there, Cruise Trek Family!

Hope you had a really nice Holiday season! Been a while since our last adventure and my last contact with all of you! Speaking of our last trip. . . admittedly, I have been very slow to ask you all a little favor as I have been focused on getting all the new cruise information dispersed. My apologies. . . but, here it (almost all) is!!!

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For those of you who stayed at the Grand Savoia Hotel in Genoa and if you were appreciative of the staff, service and the hotel itself as much as I was. . . I ask humbly and respectfully that you go to and post a positive review for them. Please know you’ll have to create an account to do so. Anyway, for me, not only did I really like this Italian old world and culturally different hotel but I also found the staff so endearingly kind, soft, gentle, and helpful that I, in turn, asked them what I could do to help them. They said, “Oh – please simply post your kind words to” And, so I did. . .

Our last cruise adventure from Genoa was indeed (as I inferred beforehand many times) very culturally different, diverse, and thus a true adventure. . . and that is to say it included or created some truly adventurous trials of travel or maybe just some good tales. For me that is what travel is all about. . . to learn, to explore, and, while at the same time and as best as possible, to fit into or meld within the visited culture. This was perfectly stated by long time passenger, CT family member, and all around wonderful guy, Brent Stein, “. . . we are all safely home (arguably still sane) and no worse for the wear, albeit more experienced for the next time we travel overseas and meet new foreign people! What FUN we had!!”

John de Lancie graciously offered an even better description and/or if you may, an analogy in a much appreciated email after the cruise.

Dear Charles and Aaron,

Again and again and again I want to thank you for a wonderful time. Marnie and I had a ball and I hope, neck brace not withstanding, so did you both. I really enjoyed the Italian ship. [ ]. . . walking the open air deck with all those people singing and dancing and slathering their leathery skins with gallons of suntan lotion was a hoot. All I could think of were those old movies of the immigrant ships sailing to America. I have always thought those crowd scenes were a little too ebullient (singing, dancing – albeit no suntan lotion) but not now! A ship full of Italians is like no other.

The only downside was the paltry minutes allotted for each port. Next time you need to arrange a shipwreck where we get a full week in a port of choice. But what’s most true about these trips is what they’ve come to mean to us. We are so grateful to have been included so many times and please know that these trips make up a very significant part of our lives – first, with the boys and now without them.

Much love,

And here’s a great Facebook conversation/exchange between Cruise Trek newbies, newlyweds, and wonderfully fun Meg and Brian and a friend of theirs: (Thank you!! – M & B – hope you don’t mind me sharing?! Your exchange below was wonderful and keeps me producing it all and with joy, peace and strength!!)

Friend of Meg: umm...what is this trip that you went on?? It looks like there were some star trek actors there?!?!

Meg: hey! Yeah, it was called Cruise Trek. Some of the actors come with our group on an organized cruise; we went to Morocco, Spain, and Portugal for 9 nights. John DeLancie who plays Q and Rene Auberjonois who played Odo were there, as was one of the writers/script guys Eric Stillwell, who was super fun to chat with. I didn’t know you were a trek fan! lol.

Friend: OMG, i just googled it. I secretly am! haha, sounds like an awesome cruise to be on!!

Meg: It was. Having a group of people all organized on such a big cruise was so worth it. And we got to play like, Trek Pictionary with everyone and other such games during our days at sea. I really loved it; a cruise without them wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. The guys who run Cruise Trek were fantastic too, their travel advice was priceless. I’ll let you know when they announce the next trip!

Friend: Sweet!! Now, I just need to convince the wife to go...haha, he goes crazy when I’m in my trek phases

Meg: it would be a blast even if you’ve never heard of Trek. It was a great group of people to spend a week with. Plus the cruise and all...: p

For me the cruise highlights were our first time “Block Party” and the meeting space we had continuously for the entire cruise where we could gather to “hang” or play cards like a real family would do. Oh and I really enjoyed lunch with a small group (Robert#1, Robert#2, Mirrani, Eirian, Meg & Brian) in downtown Lisbon! That was just simple and very cool. Plus, I, like John de Lancie, just loved the different cultures on board. . . and to see that all they wanted was to have a good time or loads of fun in their own way. . . was wonderful! Not that much different than what we do within Cruise Trek. . .

~ Get In Touch with Cruise Trek ~

Mail – PO Box 4277, Malibu, CA 90264
Phone – (310) 456-7544
SKYPE – cruisetrek

Anyway as for me, I have been busy continually working on different remodel work/projects here. . . and well, hoping the economic recovery and back issues recover all at once! ;-) Oh – on a side note – and to share in my latest learning curve – and in trying to be a bit more conscientious of my footprint – if you can find LED light bulbs on sale or in bulk – they are really, really great at reducing electrical consumption!

But, wow, guess I should get to Cruise Trek stuff & new destination announcements!! Not only am I swinging a hammer and carrying a screw driver for this or that. I also have been working on finding some cruise lines to work with and thus future cruise destinations. . . of course, with your input, inherent limitations, and keeping as many circumstances in mind as possible for the greatest part or good of the “whole” – we are very happy to announce the below adventures. . .

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Cruise Trek 2011: “Alaskan Adventure IV” – September 18-25, 2011

These past few years we have indeed been busy exploring far away and exotic destinations. So much so that we decided to offer something a little closer to home for this year – well, at least for those of us on the North American continent! So, please join us to enjoy a 7 day Inside Passage Alaska cruise round trip from Seattle, Washington, USA!! Yes, we have cruised Alaska before but it has been many years. In fact our last Alaska cruise was in 2002! I, for one, have sailed the waters of Alaska more than 10 times and never, ever tire of its beauty. Well, then having the CT family aboard makes it so much more! That said, there are new additions to this trip – one new item is that we embark our ship in Seattle, WA . . . and the good ole USA! Plus, we get to see beautiful Victoria, BC and get to go back to my favorite Alaska port – Sitka. . . Not to mention that we’ll sail the Inside Passage and witness all its beauty. . .

Cruise Trek 2011: “Rhine Winter & Christmas Markets Voyage” – December 10-17, 2011

Back by popular demand. . . and for those of you with voracious travel appetites!! Once again we will board AMA Waterways and their beautiful Amacello. . . Honestly, our 2008 Danube river cruise was so enjoyed by all that several within the Cruise Trek family have requested (and already booked) this cruise that takes in the absolutely magical Holiday Markets along the Rhine River from Basel to Amsterdam. In fact, it was enjoyed so much so that we decided to invite the rest of the Cruise Trek family. . . though more so as an informal CT family adventure – but, who knows. . . if enough of our CT family joins in the magical and colorful holiday surroundings you never know which special guest(s) may want join us!!??

More tantalizing to all of this is that you can begin your journey with a visit to two of Switzerland’s most famous cities. That is, AMA Waterways offers a pre-cruise package that includes shore excursions, motor coach transfers, 2 nights in elegant Zurich, and 2 nights in captivating Lucerne. Here you will enjoy lakeside excursions, magical Christmas markets (some are even themed medieval or renaissance), and winter Alpine vistas. Then we’ll continue to the legendary Black Forest region, the medieval town of Strasbourg, the university city of Heidelberg, and historic Cologne, famous for its majestic Cathedral and bustling Christmas market. Conclude your fabulous winter voyage in Amsterdam, amidst legendary canals and more colorful holiday surroundings.

Please remember this cruise/land package includes most excursions and wine for dinner! For this cruise & tour package we are happy to forward discounts to past passengers of AMA, senior citizens, payment-in-full and any more we can find!! And, if you join us on the Alaska cruise as well – we’ll offer extra CT savings. Please contact us for further details as the applicable discounts do get a little cumbersome even for us. Or, please see the Booking Information Sheets. . .

Cruise Trek 2012: “Hawaiian Expedition II” – October 20 November 4, 2012

Ever want the option of having the most relaxing cruise ever or to be busy with Trek activities or simply hang with the CT family??? Well, I think this one is it!! However, I am running out of room in this writing to offer more tantalizing tidbits – but, I think you get the picture!

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