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Archive for Past Cruise Trek Updates

Update – March 17, 2009:

Announcing Bon Voyage Dinner and Mini con/signing

Hey Gang!

Below are a bunch more details for our upcoming adventure to Bermuda.

Very cool news!! We have a couple additional guests coming back to Cruise Trek this year after too long of an absence.

We are very happy to announce that Robin Curtis is joining us on our adventure this year. Plus, Emmy Award winning ST visual effects supervisor and all around great guy Ron B. Moore and his lovely wife Barbara are sailing. They will be celebrating their 40th anniversary! These guests are in addition to those already mentioned in previous updates.

We have press!! Travel writer Rolf Potts is going to produce a story for the Travel Channel on our theme adventure. He is eagerly looking forward to interviewing some of us. Rolf will also do a presentation on travel, including his writings. You will certainly enjoy his website, Rolf Potts’ Vagabonding. He is a kind and fascinating man of travel. In fact, his book Vagabonding is now on its way to me! He certainly takes travel to a whole different level of adventure – love that!

Speaking of writing – “Let’s get Literary” – for our cruise this year our own Prof. Curt Duffy will conduct a 3 session workshop on writing and publishing in the genre of Sci-Fi. Please feel free to bring your laptop or just a pencil & paper.

As to our Bon Voyage banquet dinner for Saturday, May 9th – it is just about set – now all we need is for you to reserve a seat. This afternoon & evening could be a fun-filled day all by itself!!

The details: Dinner will take place just two blocks from our Cruise Trek midtown hotel (52nd & Madison) and the dinner price includes a pass for any AMC Theatre. The AMC Theatre we may use for our group movie premiere outing is located in Time Square. The good news is that this pass can be used anytime at any AMC Theatre. So, if your NYC sightseeing schedule does not coincide with the studio’s movie release schedule, and you want to see the film (or any film) another time – by all means go for it! The best news – the one price includes complimentary access to our mini signing/land con taking place at the same restaurant.

~ Travel Tips ~

It is best to board the ship early as the ropes are dropped and gangways are starting to be raised earlier than actual sailing time. The ship is scheduled to depart promptly at 4 p.m. on May 10, 2009.

Schedule your flight home on May 17 for 12 noon or later.

If taking Amtrak, use Amtrak Group Fare Code X18U-945 to get a discount of 10%. Contact Amtrak through their website, by telephone at 800-872-7245, or through your travel agent.

Please note: Passage must be booked through the Cruise Trek office to attend all Cruise Trek events.

All of our actor and behind-the-scenes guests will be there for dinner. Additional autographs and actor photos at this time and location are at additional cost.

Now even more cool news for this dinner the night before embarkation. . .

We are planning to have a couple more guests for this adventurous NYC Bon Voyage evening!!! Casey Biggs, who played Damar in DS9, and J.G. Hertzler, who played Martok, are set to join us for this evening’s fun!

In summary, the cost for the Bon Voyage dinner & mini con/signing for “Back to Bermuda” passengers is $99 per person and $129 for past Cruise Trek family members not cruising this year. For all others wishing to attend, cost is $139. A reservation needs to be made and paid in advance. As space is very limited – No ticket sales will be made at the door. Please send a check ASAP, and we’ll handle the rest. Space is limited, and movie tickets are limited on a first-come first-served basis. At this time, movie tickets are included with every purchase.

The approximate schedule for Saturday May 9th is: 5 P.M. to 9 P.M. for mini land/signing con with Q & A, mix and mingle, cocktails and dinner will be served at about 7 P.M. Then after dinner we can go as a group to see the new ST movie, which actually & officially premieres May 8th. As another option, and if you prefer, you can see the movie in the afternoon and then stay for more entertainment at the restaurant after dinner which will have an “Opera Night” – sounds like fun to me with built-in flexibility!

For the movie pass that Cruise Trek will include with dinner – it is advised to go to the movie theatre early to exchange for an actual ticket. The theatre location is subject to change and we will notify you if a change occurs. Exact address locations and timing will be sent with all your tickets. Theatre choices are subject to change. However, to reiterate – the AMC Theatre pass remains yours to use as you please.

Well, I am off to New York City this week to inspect our various choices for the above. . . I’ll let you know more after my return.

Please give me a call if you have any questions.

See you soon!!

Best regards,

Update – February 1, 2009:

Hello and Welcome – to our redesigned Cruise Trek website! My apologies for the delays in getting a site back up and running. This process has certainly been a learning curve for me. My sincerest thanks to fellow Cruise Trek past passenger Cheryl Morris for getting us this far! While the site has a ways to evolve, I think it will now provide some very good basic information.

~ Want to Take a Regular / Non-Event Cruise? ~

Cruise Trek can help!
We’ve been on more than 100 cruises, and we can help you find the perfect cruise you’re looking for.

Contact Us!

That brings us to our up-coming event, Cruise Trek 2009: “Back to Bermuda”, scheduled to depart from New York City, May 10-17. Sailing from and back to NYC is a huge treat all by itself! We still have some limited space, so if you’re interested in joining our Bermuda reunion, please contact us as soon as possible. We’d love to have you aboard! Also keep in mind the ship’s inventory changes all the time. It could be sold out one day and then have availability the next – therefore, if your schedule opens up closer to sailing time, give us a ring and we'll check cabin space.

As to Bermuda – it is just amazingly beautiful with its composition of approximately 180 islands, linked by bridges, with spectacular beaches, lush vegetation, wildlife and man-made attractions. And when you add our group of family and friends, it’s just that much better! It was 1995 when Cruise Trek first sailed to Bermuda, and even these many years later, when I speak with friends who sailed on that trip, they simply say, “That cruise/event was simply the most fun I ever had.” Andrew (DS9) & Irene Robinson have said the same! I am really looking forward to going back to Bermuda. By the way, we are working on a couple Cruise Trek group shore excursions – we’ll advise as soon as we have more details.

For the trip to/from New York City, below are a few new details. Airfares seem very reasonable right now. Most of you are pros at finding good fares, but again, looking on the web or using a terrific air agent are your best approach.

Please don’t forget we sail promptly (currently at 4 p.m.) on Sunday, May 10th. If you are arriving in NYC the day we sail, I would advise a morning arrival as boarding may start around noon. And for your return flight home, it is best to book a flight departing after 12 noon or later on the day of disembarkation, May 17.

~ Do You Need Travel Insurance? ~

Cruise Trek offers TripAssure™ as an example. Click the image below to be taken to the TripAssure™ website:


If you would rather travel by rail, we have arranged an Amtrak Group Fare Code of X18U-945. This will give you a 10% discount. Please call Amtrak directly at 800-872-7245 and work with them (or your Travel Agent) directly.

For parking at the pier, click here. For Transfers and directions, click here.

As another option for transfers to and from the city, there are available car & limousine services such as Dial 7. While we have not used this particular company yet – they have good online reviews and very reasonable pricing.

As for lodging in New York City, we are currently reserving rooms at a very lovely 5-star deluxe hotel located at 52nd Street and Madison Avenue, quite close to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, MoMa, and Rockefeller Center, one block from 5th Avenue, a few blocks from Central Park, and walkable to Times Square. This hotel and its location are definitely up to Cruise Trek choices. Better yet, the cost is very reasonable for such a fine property in New York City at approximately $250 per night. Typically, rates at this hotel go for $500 or more per night. There are budget hotels nearby in the price range of $170 +/- $20, but their quality is typically nowhere near the value of this hotel. And to tell you the truth, the reviews for these lesser properties run about 50/50 – 50% say they’re okay, and the other 50% would never stay there again. It would be difficult to send our friends to those hotels.

After all, visiting New York City is such a terrific and exhilarating experience,I would like you to get the most out of it, and that includes lodgings. In fact, we are continually monitoring hotel choices and prices – and if something better comes up, we’ll let you know! Gosh, some of you will remember the change of hotels in Budapest – where we ended up staying very reasonably at a proverbial castle!

~ Cruise Trek Facebook Page ~

A good place to discover what Cruise Trek is all about – is the Cruise Trek Facebook page. There you’ll learn (and hear a few good tales!) more about Cruise Trek experiences, adventures, friendships, romances from past cruises and you can even learn of future travel intentions. It’s also a perfect place to keep in touch with the Cruise Trek Family.

As to happenings in New York, there are just so many choices. And the new Star Trek movie is scheduled to open May 8th. Did you guys see the trailer for this?? Very cool! As we get closer to sending Cruise Trek tickets, we’ll announce any plans to go as a group to see the film.

For our Bon Voyage Banquet dinner the night before we depart New York City, we’re still working on a location. The reason for the delay? Quotes from the various venues we’ve contacted are proving to be – in a word – outrageous! But we’ll find a place to get together for dinner, and when we do, we’ll announce it ASAP. Plus, we are still working on a mini land con for Saturday as well. Please keep posted to the site, and we’ll advise ASAP for this as well.

At this point, and as previously mentioned, we do have Dominic Keating and Vaughn Armstrong signed up to sail with us to Bermuda – that is, barring any acting work. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! Dom and Vaughn are both great fun. Trek expert Richard Arnold is coming along, too – he really loves these trips! When more guests are confirmed, we’ll let you know.

See you soon in NYC!

Any questions, please feel free to contact me, any time – any way.


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