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Archive for Past Cruise Trek Updates

Update – November 24, 2010:

Hey there!!

Just wanted to let you know information will be sent soon via email on new upcoming cruise adventures for fall 2011 and fall 2012. . .

So, please stay tuned to your email, this web site, the CT Yahoo group page or the CT Facebook page.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Update – September 16, 2010:


Well – finally – here it is! The start of the process to send you all your upcoming cruise information and E-tickets.

To explain the process and for ease of disseminating all the information, you will have two eMails delivered to you over the next few hours. This first one contains two PDF files as explained below. These will be sent all at one time to all passengers. Then the second eMail will contain your actual E-ticket which will be sent on an individual basis.

~ Want to Take a Regular / Non-Event Cruise? ~

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We’ve been on more than 100 cruises, and we can help you find the perfect cruise you’re looking for.

Contact Us!

Firstly is attached our traditional Document letter that is written and designed to inform of the important issue and nuances. So I would suggest reading this before going very far on your actual E-ticket. . . Yes, it is wordy and cumbersome – but there are good and informative points to be had. Some of these points are from personal experience of my inspection trip last year.

Secondly attached is a Barcelona tour flyer. . . It really speaks for itself.

Both of the above items are PDFs and produced in legal size. . . Sorry there was just so much to say. . .

Again, please be on the look-out for your E-ticket coming next. . . Please have patience with us as this will take time to get all of these sent out. And I may need to take a break in between.

Lastly – please remember that more items will be eMailed and/or snail-mailed.

Please, for those of you that have already traveling or left for Europe – let us know that you have received these eMails. . .

Please print all these informational pieces, flyers and E-tickets out as we will not have further copies available. . . Bless those of you who make an extra copy or two to bring along!! :-))

See you in a very few short weeks!! :-))

Best regards,

Update – September 1, 2010:

Hey, Gang!

We have a bunch of new information for you below. . . and good news, too!!


Picturesque Portofino is just a short train ride from our “home base” of Genoa, Italy – Portofino and the Italian Riviera are certainly worth an afternoon trip . . . and the train stop for same is Santa Margherita – a beauty all by itself . . . no worries on getting there – the airport, information booths, train stations and/or your hotel will have maps and/or info. Then if you have more time, Cinque Terre (See Mediterranean Gateway Itinerary page for photos) is also another option of picturesque beauty – these “five towns” are reachable by train, boat or hike. . . although please be aware the hikes between them while beautiful can certainly test one‘s physical abilities.

First point of information has been mentioned before, and that is the transfer from the Genoa airport a hotel – taxi is easy. But, the Volabus is easy as well. . . See the following site (or type in Volabus on a search) for more info on Genoa airport transfers: Public Transport – Volabus.

There is an ATM in the small airport of Genoa – but, if you have a chance – bring with you some Euros – this will simply make the first steps in Italy/Europe much more relaxed.

On embarkation day (Tuesday, October 19) the transfers from our Grand Savoia Hotel to the pier in Savona are available at $39US per person. And on disembarkation day (Thursday, October 28) we will also have a transfer back from the pier which will stop at the Genoa airport and secondly at the Grand Hotel Savoia – cost is the same.

On both days, we will NOT have an “official” luggage pull. . . You will need to bring your own luggage (or have brought) to the “Cruise Trek” bus. This is to ensure no lost luggage. This transfer is not provided by the cruise line, and so they will not be in the coordination loop at all. We have recommended that we all travel light – especially as we have airline limitations and limited space on the bus – not to mention it is just so much easier to travel light! So, please advise if you are bringing more than one suitcase per person.

Plus, it is VERY IMPORTANT to be ON TIME (see voucher for exact times after receipt of same) for this transfer – as we don’t want to leave you behind.

Also, if you have not done so already – please request and forward payment for transfer(s) ASAP. This organized transfer seems very popular if just for the convenience. . . not to mention just being together. . .

The even better news is that we will now include with this transfer a 3-hour walking tour departing our Grand Savoia hotel at approximately 8:30am. Upon finishing this tour, we will leave for the pier and the Costa Magica. So, let’s share an early hotel breakfast (included & very good for those staying at our Grand Hotel Savoia), a walking tour, then very shortly thereafter a transfer to Savona. Those of you who enjoyed our motorcoach trip from Prague to Nuremburg on CT 2008 will surely reflect on the camaraderie enjoyed!

Please let us know if you will join us on the optional and complimentary walking tour. . . and be forewarned, there may be a bunch of us!! :-))

We are also very happy to offer a CT family Portofino Tour which includes an English-speaking guide, a motorcoach to the port of Santa Margherita, and then a short ferry ride to Portofino. We will depart from our hotel at approximately 2:00pm on Monday, October 18 (day prior to our cruise), and return at approximately 7:00pm. This is really the most scenic way to see Portofino. You can certainly do this site on your own – but it is really hard to see the true beauty of this area by any other means (other than perhaps by private car). . . arriving by boat into Portofino is just gorgeous and then to leave at or after sunset offers an even more dynamic beauty. When you come all the way to Italy and are so close to Portofino – you really don’t want to miss it. . . and I am hoping we’ll have some of our special guests join us!! It is possible for the Rome Contingent of the CT family to train down to Portofino if they arrive with plenty of energy!

And we’re not done yet!!

~ Do You Need Travel Insurance? ~

Cruise Trek offers TripAssure™ as an example. Click the image below to be taken to the TripAssure™ website:


How about our traditional Bon Voyage banquet dinner (the night before our cruise) back in Genoa after our Portofino tour at approximately 8:00pm??? So far, we are planning to do so very near or at our hotel with great views of the Port of Genoa. . . it is sure to be a very pleasant evening.

Please send us a check or authorize us to charge your credit card for your choice of any of the above. . . Transfers are $39US per person each way – please specify round-trip or one way. The Portofino tour price is $85US per person and our Bon Voyage dinner is $85US per person.

Please let us know ASAP on all the above. We need to get back to our suppliers in Italy ASAP.

Hoping to get all E-tickets (with cabin & booking numbers) out by mid-September and other items, logistics, information, tour and dinner vouchers will be emailed and/or snail-mailed subsequently.

We are working on some organized tours in our various ports – but please let us get through the above before we answer questions or comments on those details – it would be really appreciated!

See you!!

Best regards,

The above are subject to modification – your vouchers (to be sent) should have closer and more finalized times, etc.

Best regards,

Update – March 24, 2010:

Hey, Gang!

Been a while since I have posted . . . but below is a good amount of info for you to ponder.

Statue of Christopher Columbus

The statue of Christopher Columbus in Barcelona, Spain.

All the postings to Facebook and the CT Yahoo Group regarding travel plans look and sound so very cool!!

Now I am getting excited for this trip!!!

There is still space on our sailing although some cabins are very limited or sold out. . . so, if you have additional friends or family wanting to go – please have them send in a booking form as soon as possible.

To help a little more – Booking discounts have been extended through April – but, space is certainly more limited.

On a personal note my back/neck is still not so great so my computer time is a little limited. Very strange how just sitting at the computer hurts so. . . amazing for someone so right hand oriented that I can now use my left for the mouse!

Plus, I have been busy. I just started a fixer project for my RE biz that needs an absolute ton of work – seems the Real Estate economy is improving at least in one very small, modest and almost central coast town I found. I just have to have more helpers to do the actual work :-( Oh, well – that’s ok to help the employment base and more selfishly I really enjoy the home/fixer projects. :-))) Then on top of that I am finally completing my basement guest bedroom. . . so, more and better room for visitors! Endorphins and adrenaline flows do seem to help body pains. :-))

Oh – so you don’t miss it – Please notice below my signature the new mailing address we’ll be converting to over the next month.

Also to let you know – and as Dee mentioned we are working on hotels. We do have hotels in mind for Genoa, Italy. Details are forthcoming. However, please just let us know what you need and we’ll make it so! Sending us your air and/or any itinerary will help us to understand your full needs. As space is limited and well – since we are working with Italy – please no offense to my Italian ancestors is intended – but, they just do things differently if not simply romantically there!) – we will book/reserve hotels on an individual basis . . . . letting us know of your needs asap will help us help you.

We can also help with hotels in Rome if needed. Please contact Aaron at

Speaking of hotels – we found the best hotel for the best location in Genoa. . . it is just a few steps from a train station and bus stop for the airport bus drop off. The airport bus is called the “Volabus” which costs only about 4 Euros pp and is a 20 minute ride. Plus, the same ticket gives you local transport for 24 hours. Then the forty minute or so train ride to the pier in Savona costs less than the bus ride pp. The taxi from the Savona train station to the pier is about 10 Euros per taxi. . . so if we all join up at the train station or hotel, the transfer by itself could be “adventure”!! And we can share taxis where possible :-))) Otherwise a bus transfer from Genoa to Savona from the cruise line is $39us. Please reserve the latter through the CT office beforehand. For those of you not on so much of a budget – taxis are very doable as well. But, wow, more than 100 euro from Genoa to the Savona pier. . . Plus, the cruise line can supply a reasonable hotel option as well. All in all – a ton of options and not really that complicated. . . It may seem slightly so – but, again it really is not. We will be there in Genoa to help direct as well. And please feel free to call us for a verbal explanation if needed. . .

OH and one way or another, we’ll have a gathering for dinner the night before the cruise. So, hopefully the Rome CT Family contingent will get to Genoa on time for same!

A big recommendation for your stay in Genoa before the cruise is to train (45 minutes or so) down to Santa Margherita/Ligure Italy for a short bus ride to Portofino – just do lunch – it is so beautiful!! The trains and buses while certainly not as nice as Spain’s train service – but, they are very inexpensive. If you stay more time in Genoa – Cinque Terre is also just beautiful as well!! These options are very nice to do in small intimate groups. . .

Anyway – all this info will certainly be sent to you all again and with your ticket packet.

Right now, please just get back to us on your hotel needs and also let us know if you are interested in dinner the night before the cruise – cost details to follow.

Remember – better to travel light.

Another thought to ponder – how about a block party on board??? How much fun would that be!! ?? Just trying to figure if we do that in PJ’s ??? Hmmmm Well, we are still working on scheduling and events – those are all impacted by the cruise line and its fluid way. . . but, needless to say we'll have it all set well before we sail!!

Oh – Rene, John and more are interested in sailing – just have to make sure of film contract possibilities won’t get in the way.

See you!!

Best regards,

P.S., As of March 15, 2010 – Please note the changed “mailing” address (from the PCH address to PO BOX) below which is to be phased in over the next couple months. Phone number has not changed. Please contact us first for UPS or FedEx shipments.

Charles C. Datin
Cruise Trek
Mail to:
PO Box 4277
Malibu, CA 90264
Phone/fax – 310-456-7544
SKYPE: cruisetrek

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