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Updated – Feb 16, 2017


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California Gold highlights
Cruise Trek 2017 ~ “California Gold”
September 24 to October 1, 2017

What’s Cruise Trek all about?
Tune into this YouTube video and find out ~
CruiseTrek – The Cruising Adventure Is Just Beginning

Update – June 30, 2016:

(Please note: To keep abreast of our ever-evolving events, some past Updates are included herein or linked below.)

CruiseTrekkers in Las Vegas, Nevada
The exuberant Cruise Trek Tribe celebrating togetherness, memories and the 50th anniversary in Las Vegas – what a great shot!

Reminisces of our last adventures & past CT Family and announcing Cruise Trek 2017: “California Gold”

Hello, Cruise Trek Tribe!

It’s been too long for sure . . . and simply getting back to reality after our grand South America adventure has not been all that easy!

I am simply too desirous of wanting to go adventuring all over again! More so, I miss our people! Remember Cape Horn day . . . cruising the Beagle Channel & more? It was another amazing trip . . . but, this one got to my core. At times we were so immersed in natural beauty and yet still able to see humanity and its effects on our planet in both good and sometimes not so good ways. It was a truly life-broadening experience.

Our passion, intellect & cultural curiosity were hugely piqued and so much so that I am still seriously missing our CT tribe. Perhaps maybe it was just because we shared it all together . . . taking meals together in culturally enriching Buenos Aires and exploring the many ports of call could have not have been any more enjoyable.

Family style dinner in the Argentinian way at our home base hotel in Buenos Aires and touring the city together will always be ingrained in my fondest of memories. And the 20-day long second cruise segment left me wanting for so much more.

In fact, these feelings are shared by more as we even have some of our CT family booking additional cruises with us this year as they loved being away and the adventures so much! And then to balance all the inspirational brain food was the zany silliness we also had on-board, which only comes from being able to enjoy each other at a higher and more intimate level.

Right, Dominic!!??

Drinks with an Alien
Having fun with an alien aboard the Windsong in Tahiti, 1997. Charlie’s favorite photo of then-CEO of Holland America Line & Windstar Cruises Kirk Lanterman as an alien (he had a “ray gun”, too! – that’s what he called his phaser anyway . . .), along with CT friend, the lovely Lydia Lopez.

In any case, thank you very much for the opportunity to share our commonalities and our curiosities, as well as for perhaps broadening our human perspectives.

Though speaking more of silly, generous, and wonderful, we all remember our friend Dominic Keating (Enterprise’s Malcolm Reed) sharing very personally/intimately of his start in show biz, his talents and his work regarding the Iliad while in South America; he just recently performed the same piece in front of a live audience in DC.

Next time he performs, I hope to get the word out to all of you for your own enjoyment.

We also had the ever-energetic Jerry Hardin with us on such a grand trip and at 86 years young!! I aspire to be just like him!

Then additionally, we had our friend and visual effects guru Ron Moore (5-time Emmy award winner), for the first time, sit down with actors to discuss the very essence of the movie/TV business at a very personal level. It was certainly enlightening.

Besides getting back into the reality groove upon our return, we have been changing our computer system to allow being on the road more often. We might become even more vagabond-like (remember Rolf Potts and his book Vagabonding?).

With that, we have changed our CT phone line to be a “Magic Jack” or VOIP line. This way we can bring or forward our phone line anywhere in the world while we travel. A really cool device/app and one we thought to recommend as a way to avoid land line costs.


~ Do You Need Travel Insurance? ~

Cruise Trek offers MH Ross as an example. Click the image below to be taken to the MH Ross website:

MH Ross

And perhaps more importantly to the CT Tribe, we have also been researching alternatives for our next CT adventures for 2017 and beyond . . .

With that, we have the pleasure of announcing our next adventure, this time, much closer to home – “California Gold”: September 24 to October 1, 2017.

(Click here for Booking Information Sheet.)

We will sail from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Monterey, and Catalina Island, and then to Ensenada, Mexico, to meet the Jones Act requirements. In Los Angeles, we will gather for our pre-cruise hotel (Universal Studios area) and perhaps tour to several places including the Griffith Park Observatory (and the Leonard Nimoy Theatre within), JPL for a science lesson, and the Reagan Library (and it does not matter your political affiliation – this place is just cool for all, especially history buffs).

And on the day of our transfer to the pier, we will stop at the Los Angeles Science Center, where the Space Shuttle Endeavor is displayed . . . by itself, a fun day to be had for all . . . and again . . . there’s no telling which actors will join us on all of it!

A possible optional tour may include a Central Coast road trip to Hearst Castle (overnighting near Cambria) and perhaps to Paso Robles to a special locale.

~ Fun in California! ~

Griffith Park Observatory
Los Angeles Science Center
Hearst Castle
Monterey Aquarium
Cannery Row

Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge, a part of our next adventure, is a sight to behold. Then we’ll enjoy all that the Bay Area has to offer. In any case, options for this day and night are still in development, though we may tour the Napa Valley wine country and/or trip over to Lolita Fatjo’s for a barbeque or simply explore the city and hang for a CT family gathering/dinner. We will let you know as it all evolves.

Other possible excursion options include visiting the Monterey Aquarium or Golden Gate Park (Remember The Voyage Home?).

Also, the 17 Mile Drive, Carmel (home to Clint Eastwood), Cannery Row, are additional scenic possibilities. Driving the Central Coast on Highway 1 is consistently listed one of those trips you have to do before you just can’t.

Then there are meals and/or tours in other ports to plan.

How about a family outing (if not simply a big party) in Ensenada at a local restaurant? Remember past festivities at Carlos & Charlie’s? We were last there a few years ago on our Hawaiian cruise . . . great food, great people and good times! We will be arranging this afternoon beforehand. And we’ll let you know as this one, too, evolves.

In 2018, we are looking forward to a European River cruise once again . . . how about from Budapest, Hungary to Bucharest, Romania? More to follow.

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As an additional side note – looks like the Star Trek® model my father worked on so many years ago has undergone a huge renovation – “Smithsonian Sets Phasers To Restore On Original Starship Enterprise”, NPR.

I know he would be happy to see it displayed in a much more worthy locale. Enjoy . . .

Once again, we believe Cruise Trek 2017: “California Gold” will be another great opportunity for family, tribe, and friends both new and old.

Though sadly, we have lost a few CT Tribe members these past few months – Tom Pacuk and Jug Tivald. My memories with them will always be fondly cherished. Again, and of course, my sincere condolences go out to their respective families. Loss is difficult.

Looking forward to seeing you once again . . .

Best of safe & bold travels,

Charles C. Datin, Cruise Trek
Mail to – PO Box 4277 Malibu, CA 90264
Phone – (310) 456-7544
Website –
SKYPE – cruisetrek

Update – January 22, 2016:

Fun in South America
~ Cruise Trek 2016 Fun ~
Highlights, left to right – Stanley penguins, Punta Arenas National Park, Osorno Volcano in Puerto Montt, and Llama farm.


Hope you all had wonderful holidays . . . and thank you very much for all the cards and notes.

Alas, we have been fairly busy seemingly running about the world. After an enjoyable Cruise Trek 2015 event to the Caribbean and all the related prep and work, we returned home to prep for our departure to Paris and the UK very shortly thereafter. We had a Shakespeare Festival event to produce and direct on Cunard’s QM2 out of Southampton.

As always, Paris was just wonderful in spite of the heightened security for the Global Climate Conference. Even so, the Christmas Markets certainly lifted the holiday spirit. Leaving Paris, we took the Chunnel for the first time to London. . . So much easier than a flight! And as an FYI, if booked way in advance, it’s way cheaper!

And then London was amazingly festive at holiday time and finding a Whole Foods during our Trek to Piccadilly Circus was cool even if a juxtaposition. Plus, to see an ice skating rink as inspiring as Rockefeller Center was lovely as well.

Sailing out of Southampton, we were off to the Canary Islands, Lisbon, and Vigo with voracious Shakespeare fans. To top it off, we did a trans-Atlantic crossing back to NYC on the same ship with back-to-back snow & hurricane-force storms! Ironically, we docked in NYC with 72 degrees on Christmas Eve! Wow. . . Sharing a hotel stay in Times Square with CT family is an experience like no other! LOL Indeed, it was all very adventurous and the lesson was that it is still very true: travel simply expands life like nothing else!!

We enjoy sharing our experiences – so please feel free to inquire if you want to know more.

Speaking of adventurous travel. . . we certainly have one coming up with our grand “South America Passage.” In fact, everyone I speak with is like, “Oh, my goodness, I have always wanted to do that!”

And I am goose bumped every time I speak of South America. And if it does not hit you over the head as to what you will experience during the trip. . . it most definitely will do so upon your return!

With that, if there are any of you on the sidelines or undecided about going or think that it is just too much of trip. . . Please, please get to us and we will help in any way possible to see you aboard this awesome & enlightening adventure of a lifetime. For me, to experience the local cultures, flavors, the Beagle Channel (named after Darwin’s ship) and so much more are simply extraordinary. And, as always, it is so much more amazing to share the adventure with the comradery and commonality that comes from traveling with our family of friends!!

Importantly – For those of you already booked for Cruise Trek 2016 “The South America Passage”, please go to the following link for more information on our upcoming adventure –

Additional information for CT 2016

Feel free to reach out if you need to. . .

Be well and safe travels!

With appreciation & respect,
Charlie & Aaron

PS #1 ~

Are you looking for something a little simpler and/or a Dr. Who event??

Please check out what our friend & Dr. Who Fan (Dan Harris at is producing for his next cruise event. . .

We are handling the bookings and some onboard arrangements for this event. . . Albeit, it is on Carnival Cruise Line, and the sailing date conflicts with our South America sailing date. . . and so it will be different.

But, Dan has a very interesting & fun list of attendees & guests.

PS #2 ~

If you are new to Trek events and/or wish to go down memory lane, here is another blast to the past and a great reference for what we are largely about – CruiseTrek – The Cruising Adventure Is Just Beginning .

First page of past CruiseTrek Updates


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