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****BOOK EARLY AND SAVE!! All reservations, requests, and changes must be made in writing. Please allow 4-8 weeks for processing of payments. To be confirmed on the cruise, we must have a fully completed Reservation Form along with your per person deposit. Passengers will receive cabin assignment upon receipt of cruise and/or travel documents.

This is a private party and CT Family ID Badges must be worn to attend any and all CT events.


Prices below are per person. Taxes, port fees, pre-paid gratiuities and other event fees are additional and are quoted on the next page.

**** Reserve now and receive $150pp ship board credit. SBC only applies to pax 1 & 2 in the cabin with deposit paid by check and to outside cabins or higher. We also offer $25pp early booking discount and $25pp CT family discount if deposited by same date and by check for all categories . . . . Subject to availability.

Category Double Triple Quad
1 Inside (TS & PC) $1099 $ 999 $ 899
2 Better Inside (PC) $1199 $1099 $ 999
3 Outside (TS) $1299 $1199 $1099
4 Better Outside $1399 $1299 $1199
5 Verandah (TS & PC) $1799 $1499 $1299
6 CO Verandah (PC) $1899 $1699 n/a
7 SS Suite $2899 by request
8 CS Suite $4799 by request
9 RS Suite $5799 by request


Please print legibly and completely – Legal names only – Check appropriate boxes

(If Applicable – Please also give us your nickname or name you would like to have on your badge as well – but, in any case we must have exact legal names)

[ ] CT 2017: “California Gold”, Los Angeles HOTEL & BON VOYAGE DINNER

Name________________________________ (DOB) _________ m/f
Name________________________________ (DOB) _________ m/f
Name________________________________ (DOB) _________ m/f
Name________________________________ (DOB) _________ m/f
Address ___________________________________________________________
City______________________________________ State _________________
Zip _________________
Phone (Home) ______________________ (Work) ________________________
Email _____________________________________________________________
Country of Citizenship ____________________________________________

Cabin Category requested (see above): _____________________________
[ ] Single   [ ] Double
[ ] Trek Share (TS) Double   [ ] Trek Share (TS) Triple
[ ] Male   [ ] Female
[ ] Light Sleeper   [ ] Snorer   [ ]   Non-Smoker   [ ] Smoker
CT 2017 – On request – Prices TBA – Los Angeles Hotel Nights: ______   Dinner: ______  
Other Trek Share comments to help us match you: ___________________
Are there other passengers that you would like to be cross referenced with??
Do you have any medical conditions or dietary needs the cruise line needs to know about? __________________________________________________
Do you wish to celebrate any special occasions aboard?
Where did you hear about Cruise Trek??
T-Shirt Size Request: _____ S ____ M ____ L ____ XL ____ XXL or? _____


Deposit amount ($500.00 per person) x Number of Passengers = $ ________ (enclosed)
Method of Payment:   [ ] Visa   [ ] Master Card   [ ] Amex   [ ] Discover   [ ] Check (deposit by check for discounts to apply)
Card Number: ____________________________________________________ Expiration date: ______________   Code _______
Name on card: ___________________________________________________
Signature: ______________________________________________________


Cruise Trek
PO Box 4277
Malibu, CA 90264
Phone 310-456-7544
Email: CST # 2053934-40

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email.


The following information will help you book your Cruise Trek Family Adventure properly and with minimal effort. Please read all the information carefully before completing the reservation form. You will be receiving periodic Cruise Trek Updates, which will keep you informed of all the breaking news for your Cruise Trek Family Adventure. Approximately 2 to 4 weeks prior to sailing, your cruise documents and tickets will be sent to you. In this package will be a guide that includes information on what to pack, a list of available shore excursions with prices, phone numbers for the ship, and much more. We will also send you a “document letter” which will explain the pertinent details. Booking and/or sending deposit constitutes understanding and acceptance of all terms and conditions of the applicable cruise line and Cruise Trek. Cruise Trek is not responsible for any inaccuracies by third party web sites and/or written or posted comments by third parties.



Cabin prices vary by the category and type of accommodations you select. There are inside cabins with no window, outside cabins with a window or with a verandah. Some of the Verandah cabins have what is called Concierge Service (CO) which offers better locations & nice service amenities. There are also larger suites. The pricing variable from I/S to I/S and O/S to O/S cabins pertains to where they are located on the ship. Basically, aft, forward & lower in the ship tends to be lesser expensive.

(I) TWO PERSONS SHARING SAME CABIN: Double occupancy means two passengers share one cabin. Price is PP.

(II) TREK SHARE (TS) FARES: This plan is for Trek passengers who are sailing on Cruise Trek by themselves and wish to share a cabin with someone they do not know. Meaning the CT offices matches passengers. Specify the TS category of your choice and indicate the occupancy (double or triple only) you desire. Be sure to check the box that says Trek Share. You will be matched with members of the same sex. Trek Share cabin assignments will be done at the time of issuance only and are subject to change. Trek fans that smoke are not to do so in the cabin unless roommates permit it. We will try to match you with fans of similar age whenever possible. Most fans are understanding and cooperative. TS fares are not applicable for children. Trek Shares are on a request basis only and are available as doubles or triples only.

(III) TRIPLE & QUAD FARES: This is for those wanting to share a cabin with 3 or 4 persons. Rates are pp per the occupancy rate.

(IV) SINGLE OCCUPANCY: This is for those of you who wish to occupy a cabin alone. Singles are 200% of the applicable per person fare less a certain discount – contact CT office for same. Singles are limited in supply.

CHILDREN & NON CT EVENT ATTENDEE RATES: Less than 2 years of age and/non attendee rate – a $400 discount applies. Children less than 18 as a 3/4th in the same cabin, a $300 discount applies. Not necessarily combinable with early booking or past passenger discounts.

Physically Challenged Cabin: Please request a PC cabin if required. They may be available in categories 2, 4, 5 or 6 above. Subject to availability.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: PORT CHARGES, TAXES, & GRATIUITIES: For CT 17 total fees pp are $485 - $510pp. This includes taxes, port fees, pre-paid gratiuities and other event fees. Singles pay a higher tax rate. All these amounts are subject to increases and/or decreases.

Change fees, online registration fees & email fees: After the full payment due date, all invoices will be subject to a charge of at least $100 or more per person for any changes. Plus, if you require assistance to register online with the cruise line or have no email address CT will implement a fee of $75 per invoice per item.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: There is a foreign booking charge of $50 per foreign residence or APO address ($30 per Canadian residence). Payments may be made by check, money order, or major credit card – Visa, Master Card, and Discover. Checks are to be made payable to Cruise Trek, in US dollars only, and drawn on a US bank. Sorry, no exceptions. There is a $50 charge for returned checks. Any fees or charges related to check or wire payments will be charged back to your invoice.

PERSONAL PAYMENT PLAN: For your convenience, we will be offering a payment plan with no service charge. To calculate your payments, simply deduct your deposit from your total amount due, and then divide the balance by the number of months remaining before the full payment date. The payment plan is flexible. For instance, you may either double or triple up on payments or skip a few months. Or you may devise your own plan. If you would like to take advantage of our “Auto Pay Plan” simply fill out the payment coupons (they will be sent with your original invoice) and return them to the Cruise Trek office with the plan of your choice. We will process these each month. All pricing is in US Dollars. FULL AND FINAL PAYMENT IS DUE June 1, 2017. You can still book after these dates – but pricing may be increased and/or availability may be very limited if not sold out. Pricing is always subject to change prior to receipt of deposit only.

CANCELLATIONS, REFUNDS, INSURANCE, OTHER DISCLAIMERS: After Booking a $400 cancel fee applies. From February 1, 2017 to final payment date of June 1, 2017, a $500 cancellation fee applies. NO refunds after final pay date. Additional cancel fees may apply to additional services. To protect against cancellation penalties, Trip & Cancellation Interruption Insurance is availalble and strongly recommended. As a requirement of the Cruise Trek Program, the signed Insurance waiver (which will accompany your invoice) is due in the Cruise Trek office upon receipt of your invoice and no later than the full payment due date. Travel documents will not be released and your booking is subject to cancellation unless we receive this waiver. Cruise Trek reserves the right to change CT event schedules, programs and structure and claims no responsibility to cruise line changes or conditions. Cruise Trek reserves the right and at its sole discretion to refuse service and/or entry to the events to anyone who is not suitable, safe or in line with our mission to provide a positive, family, friendly environment. Cruise Trek will also refuse service to those who are not agreeable to the structure, terms and conditions either implied or stated as they benefit the mssion and the “whole.” In sending your deposit you then agree to all terms, conditions and structures of Cruise Trek.

IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Passports are required. Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after completion of your cruise or trip. All travel documents, such as passports, visas, proof of citizenship, etc., required for embarkation or debarkation at the ports of call and reentry into your country of residence, are the responsibility of the passenger. Your proof of citizenship must be presented prior to boarding the ship. You may be denied boarding without proper identification and cxl fees will apply.

Pre & Post cruise options & shore excursions: Cruise Trek can arrange for pre & post cruise hotels. More will be announced in future updates.

AIRFARE: Online travel sites such as,, or are also excellent resources for airplane transport. If you have a good air agent – they are invaluable – ask him or her to check consolidator fares. Please feel free to call the Cruise Trek office for more clarification on scheduling (or anything else) if needed. However, please know CT does not ticket or coordinate airfare – we can only be of service and help direct you

All of the above and that printed in other materials for any CT event is Subject to Change and not only limited to inventory, conditions, suppliers, pricing et al.


Cruise must be booked through the Cruise Trek (CT) offices to attend events and CT ID badges must be worn at all events. Date of issue 2/23/2017 v12

Downloadable Booking Information Sheet
– PDF File

To download the Booking Information Sheet to your computer, right-click on the link and select “Save Target As”. PDF files require the Acrobat Reader program, which is available for free on-line. Click here to download.

~ Need Travel Insurance? ~

One option is Trip Insurance. There are many other choices, but we offer MH Ross for informational purposes. We also send their application with your booking confirmation.

MH Ross


Please get in touch with us for any questions – or to join our mailing list:

CruiseTrek   ~   PO Box 4277   ~   Malibu, CA   90264   USA
(310) 456-7544   ~   SKYPE:   cruisetrek   ~   CST# 2053934-40

Please note:   Passage must be booked through the Cruise Trek office to attend all Cruise Trek events.